Decorating a tree at Christmas is a centuries-old custom. We British borrowed it from Germany a mere 170 years ago.  Being German-born herself, Gisela loves Christmas and it’s her enthusiasm for the tradition that gave rise to her company.

Every Christmas celebration should be special! That’s why we introduce a completely new Christmas collection each year: hundreds and hundreds of unique decorations. That’s what has won us international fame and a host of keen collectors. The fact that the greater part of our collection is designed by ourselves puts us in a very select band: we’re among the small handful of Christmas companies in USA or Europe to take this amount of trouble. We have ranges that appeal to all kinds of tastes and all kinds of pockets – a breadth of choice that no one in Europe can match. With outstanding value for money; designer products at fair prices that will be the heirlooms of tomorrow.


Easter Table
The Story of Fairies.. Though the indigo sky is moonless the forest is illuminated with fresh snow - bright enough for the fairies to see their way and gather rose hips from the frosted briars.
Vintage Living...
Vintage Living...
Halloween at Gisela Graham Gisela Graham doesn’t want to scare the living daylights out of you! Halloween has to be a little bit scary – but it doesn’t have to be nightmarish. So we spare the horror and offer instead good fun: Mildly ghoulish, scene-setting props for grown-up Halloween parties – a craze that’s getting ever more popular. Plus all that children (and parents) need for kids’ Halloween parties, plus trick-or-treating: Witches’ hats, masks, goodie bags, and all kinds of s-p-o-o-k-y accessories. Happy Halloween!

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