How To Make Marbled Easter Eggs


We’ve been marbling eggs here at Gisela Graham and here’s how to do it. We’ll be holding a Best Decorated Easter Egg Competition soon so look out for details!


To create these marble eggs we have used our Paint Your Own Egg Kit [82263] but you can also use hard boiled eggs. You will need a selection of nail varnish, a cup of water and an egg cup.


STEP 1: Take your glass of water and pour the first colour of nail varnish in water.


STEP 2: Pour your other colours into the water on top of each other. Don’t try to be too neat about your pouring because the more swirly the nail varnish the more interesting the marbling.


STEP 3: Dip the egg into the nail varnish water. Pull it out and there you have it! A marbled egg. Hold it out of the water for a couple of minutes and then place in an egg cup to dry. Your marbled eggs will look great on your table at Easter!





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