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1st day of Fall- How to make your home ready this Autumn

1st day of Fall- How to make your home ready this Autumn
September 13, 2019 Gisela Graham Team

Fall can seem like a difficult season to accept after those long summer days but don’t be dampened! Autumn is the time of year where nature spoils us well and truly with all its colourful beauty, crisp morning walks, cosy sweaters and pub dinners by the fire. The perfect time of year to get all those excuses in to embrace your inner ‘Hygge’

So here we go…the quest of creating your cosy home this Autumn, where do you begin to start?

Firstly, we would suggest brewing up your favourite hot cuppa, get comfy and let our team at Gisela Graham tell you some of our warming tips on How to make your home ready this Autumn

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With autumn known for its shorter and darker days, candles are an essential for anyone looking to bring more cosiness into their space

So while it might be getting colder outside, go ahead and unwind by creating your own warm haven by simply relying on a few flickering candles and letting the soft illumination take you to a tranquil place. After all, everyone deserves a bit of R&R and a perfect reason to get your house smelling amazing with our scented selection!

Candle Fact: you should never blow out your candles. This creates a lot of smoke and you should use a candlesnuffer where possible


Still deciding on those slippers to live in for the next few months? Or just like to keep those little toes free?  Well, there’s nothing more off-putting then barefooting around on a cold floor this season.

With it’s known benefits of added warmth, noise reduction and better grip for any of those little feet in the home. Rugs visually elevate a space and instantly make an area feel inviting and cosy.

Rug Fact: The longest red carpet measures 6.358 km and was achieved by Bogaris Retail in Almeria, Spain, on 25 October 2018. One for all you glam lot out there!

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Blankets and Throws

If you were to suggest just one item to make your home cosier this autumn it would be the essential warm blanket or throw.

Go ahead and wrap it around yourself, curl up with a book and make sure the essential snacks are in reaching distance!  Don’t forget you can never own too many blankets so don’t be shy; your lovely guests will want an evening of cosiness too!

Blanket fact: Another record-breaking fact! The largest hand knitted blanket is 1,994.81 m² and was achieved by Valery Larkin (Ireland) and Knitters of the World in Ennis, Ireland

Colour Palette

Studies show that colours have a big impact on our mood and energy. Warm, rich colours give your home an illusion of a cocoon that works perfectly during the colder days.

When it comes to accessorising your home this season, it’s best to choose tones that bring you that sense of comfort and ease.

Colour fact: it has been said that the colours red and yellow stimulate hunger so maybe steer clear if you’re trying to be good this Autumn!

Whether you decide to reinvent your wardrobe, show off your interior skills or bake your way through the autumn season, please just remember one golden rule….

Stay cosy

Love the GG team x