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Achieving Hygge: DIY Soap Bubble Baubles with Foliage

Achieving Hygge: DIY Soap Bubble Baubles with Foliage
November 2, 2017 Gisela Graham Team

This year you may have noticed your Pinterest feed has been filled with two things – 1. Hygge/Scandi style and 2. Eucalyptus, from weddings to stand alone vases filled with just the stems of greenery. So here at Gisela Graham, we figured, why should Christmas be any different? This DIY how-to will help you to be on trend while still maintaining Hygge! The perfect balance of nature with a 2017 bauble twist.


Want to bring a hint of nature to your decorations this year but not sure how? Maybe you’ve got a colour co-ordinated tree that needs a scandi update? Then this soap bubble bauble DIY decoration can be the answer to your Christmas Decoration Distress. What’s more, you’ve made it yourself in just a couple of minutes and it’s not going to be the same as your next door neighbours!

What you will need: 

  • Gisela Graham Soap Bubble Baubles – available in three sizes (Shop Here)
  • Foliage or Berries – we’ve used Berries &  Eucalyptus
  • Scissors


  1. Remove Silver cap from the Soap Bubble and cut Foliage to desired size
  2. Carefully feed the cutting through the little opening.
  3. Pinch silver prongs and poke through the opening securing the cap in place. Where necessary add string to facilitate the hanging of the bauble.
  4. Voila – that’s one finished!
  5. Try with Berry offcuts and Eucalyptus – wrap the wire of the berries around the stem of the foliage.
  6. Thread the arrangement through the opening.
  7. Replace cap!

Volia – it’s as easy as that to create your very on Hygge Soap Bubble Foliage Christmas Decorations!