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Adult Halloween Party Ideas.  

Adult Halloween Party Ideas.  
October 4, 2012 Gisela Graham Team

No less than 171 million people in the USA will be celebrating  Halloween this year, according to trade press reports. Most of this huge crowd won’t be trick-or-treating kids but grown-ups, attending thoroughly adult, Halloween-themed parties.

Halloween Dinner Party Tableware.

In fact  Halloween customs  originate from this side of the Atlantic so it’s not surprising that the idea  is catching on here fast.  Gisela Graham, ever ‘on-trend’,  offers atmospheric and tasteful table decorations for a Halloween party.

For anyone minded to carve pumpkins into a traditional jack-o’-lantern Martha Stewart’s website shows how. For people who haven’t the patience Gisela Graham’s ceramic pumpkins are the next best thing. And you can use them again next year!

How to Carve a Pumpkin

How to Carve a Pumpkin with Martha Stewart.

Gisela Graham Halloween Tableware - Glass Pumpkin Name Settings

Ceramic Pumpkin Tea Lights from £14.99 

Glass Pumpkin Name Settings from £8.99 


Halloween Party Drinks

Of course no ‘Grown Up’ party would be complete without a cooler full of naughty drinks. Set your table with some brightly coloured cups and jugs in gothic style to really set the mood.


Gisela Graham Halloween Tableware - Plastic Jugs. Halloween Tableware - Plastic Jugs.

Plastic Jugs from £14.99 and Goblets from £4.99 


Halloween Party Decorations

How to create the Halloween mood? Make your own haunted  house with severed hands, howling banshees and life-size skeletons rattling their chains? All these things are available, but it comes down to a matter of taste. Gisela Graham  thinks a Halloween party should be more fun than fearsome – with things like glittery tarantulas and chenille spiders’ webs.

Halloween Decoration Ideas.


Halloween Decorations - Spider Web.

Furry Spider from £5.95 

Chenille Spider Web from £4.95


Masquerade Masks

Britain’s costume hire business is booming and most towns have shops crammed with Naughty Nun, Frankenstein or Elm Street costumes. But there’s no need for a change of clothes: a masked Halloween party is sure to go with swing, for a fraction of the cost of fancy dress. With maybe just the addition of  a fetching witch’ s hat…

Halloween Party Eye Masks

Halloween Party - Harlequin Masquerade Masks

Halloween Party Venetian Eye Masks

Party Masks from £5.75


Happy Halloween!

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