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Faux Terrariums

Faux Terrariums
September 7, 2018 Gisela Graham Team

Are you among the masses of us that just can’t seem to keep your plants alive, houseplant or outdoor! You’ve tried everything from ‘easy’ to care for houseplants, to on-trend succulents to literally over-watering cacti’s – the plant that can survive in the desert! Yes, we are speaking from experience…

The perfect faux terrarium

Well fear no more, this blog will teach you how to look like a pro horticulturist without the headache or watering guilt…

Equipment and tools:

  • Moss
  • Scissors
  • Floristry Oasis
  • Small white stones

Products featured in this blog:

  • Gass Pyramid Trinket Box in small and large – product code: 33361 & 33362
  • Green cluster Head Succulent Pick – products code: 60411
  • Green Berry Succulent Pick – product code: 60413
  • Green Succulent Branch Pick – product code: 60412
  1. Cut your oasis in to a small enough section for it to be able to fit neatly into the centre of the terrarium. Whilst you have the scissors, chop your succulent picks in to a desirable size. We cut them at the natural end of the branch.
  2. Poke your succulent branches in to the oasis, we have created a dome effect which was achieved by using a variation of branch sizes. Cover any visible oasis with live moss.
  3. Place your arrangement in to the centre of the terrarium and fill around the edges with white stones.

It’s as simple as (step) 1, 2, 3!



Have you tried or styled any of our faux plants or flowers? We’d love to see them!

Be sure to tag us @gisela_graham or #GiselaGraham so we can see your #GGLSTYLE.