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Flamingoes Are Flocking On Our New Printed Accessories

Flamingoes Are Flocking On Our New Printed Accessories
July 19, 2017 Chay Kelly

This summer it’s all about the fabulous flamingo print. Our pink, feathery friends are taking over homeware, fashion accessories and interiors everywhere, from printed wallpapers to luminous pink flamingo straws in your G&T. A slightly different twist on last year’s tropical trend, the flamingo print is a fun and bright theme to play with. Our latest collection will help you capture this trend without having to go overboard.


To add a pop of pink into your home try adding one of our aqua flamingo wash bags, storage tubs or ceramic mugs and jugs. Available to order NOW wholesale from us or from The Contemporary Home. These flamingoes have stollen our hearts and have already proven to be very popular with our customers – and they’ve done all of this while standing on one leg!

Flamingo1. Aqua Flamingo  Shopper | 30841 2. Aqua Flamingo Zip Pouch | 30837 3. Aqua Flamingo Small Tub | 36684 4. Flamingo Ceramic Jug | 34234 5. Aqua Flamingo Washbag | 30838 6. Aqua Flamingo Drawstring Bag | 30839 7. Flamingo Ceramic Mug | 30777

By stocking up on flamingo-themed products, you’ll be tapping into one of this summer’s hottest trends. You’ll be seeing these gorgeous, beautiful birds in stores and in the press throughout the warmer months of this year, so by stocking up on some of these Gisela Graham London products, you’ll be giving your customers exactly what they want this year.