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Get the look – Love

Get the look – Love
July 6, 2012 Gisela Graham Team

romantic decoration accessories

This is a look that will sit very well in most gift shops. We used a dresser that was designed by us and made in our own workshop, but you could pick up an old one from ebay and paint it! The rules of display are common-sense, but worth repeating. Put best sellers or things you want to be noticed right at eye level. Anything that you are happy for customers to pick up and inspect put at hip height, with things you don’t want to  be touched displayed higher up.  Think like a shopper and where you look first at a display. Don’t over clutter displays and make sure you put the smaller things at the front and larger at the back. Things often sell better if you take one out of the packet and bring it to life by display.  E.g. aprons: try and get hold of a dummy to model them.

We used

Fabric for the wall panels and stool seat:

“Suffolk Check” (dusty pink/natural, large gingham) from Ian Mankin Fabrics


Cream Paint: “Milkweed” Code J1-20 from Vinyl Matt Crown Paints

ACCENT PIECES – side cabinet frame, shelves etc.

Red Paint: “Red Stallion 3” 00YR 15/510 from Vinyl Matt Dulux

Pale mint: “Soft Fauna 4” 30GG 57/094 from Vinyl Matt Dulux

Dusky pink: “Candy Love 4” 70RR 54/153 from Vinyl Matt Dulux


Contact our sales team if you’d like to stock this range sales@giselagraham.co.uk