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Trade Show – How To….

Trade Show – How To….
August 3, 2012 Gisela Graham Team

It’s always a pleasure to show at Harrogate in the summer : a gorgeous setting and such a good atmosphere. We launched our 2013 Easter range there and 3 brand new ranges in our Everyday Gifts Collection. We thought we would give you a little insight into our trip and the process of getting our whole showroom up to Yorkshire.

It all starts the week before when a pallet load of boxes and bubble wrap turn up in the office courtyard.

Christmas trees, ready decorated are slid into bespoke  wooden crates, over 20 of them. All other pieces – over 4000 of them –  are wrapped in bubble and packed in coded cartons.

A burly crew from our warehouse wraps and packs the ‘furniture’ – all flat-pack like IKEA, but with glitter – into custom-made, wooden wheely bins, under the watchful eye of our workshop manager, who built them.  The whole circus goes into 4 trucks.

It leaves our place looking very sad and bare. But within 4 days the showroom will magically re-materialise in the Harrogate tent.

This year we launched a new baby range, Vintage Baby, fashionably retro with a subtle colour pallette, buyers no longer have to buy pink for a girl or blue for a boy! We got some wonderful feedback from customers and are really pleased. People seemed to love it as much as we do!

Vintage Baby, New for 2012

On the heels of our  popular boys’ rooms ranges, Pirates and Knights, we launched Cowboys & Indians. It’s a fun take on a playtime classic, with lots for boys and girls to enjoy playing with. Especially popular was the teepee from the range which even grown ups can fit inside. Well, a medium-sized one anyway.

Cowboys Range, New for 2012

Heartfelt is a delicate and pretty new gift range aimed at those special ladies in all our lives, Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts. With it’s delicious colour ways and cute prints it did really well at Harrogate and cheers us up just looking at it.

Heartfelt, New for 2012

At 4pm on the Wednesday, last day of the show, the process happens in reverse. Astonishingly to outsiders, the whole showroom – all 240 square metres of it, will be redressed in South London by 5pm on the Saturday.Ready to re-open the showroom on Monday morning.

Phew! Now time for a well earned cup of tea.

Our Easter Showroom is now open for trade customers to make an appointment ring 020 7708 4956 or find us at our next trade show appearance, have a look at our Upcoming Events.