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Heart Shaped Wreaths: Top 5

Heart Shaped Wreaths: Top 5
October 11, 2012 Gisela Graham Team

Why wait till Christmas to hang a wreath in your home?

The custom of hanging a wreath in your home or on your door can be traced back to the Etruscans 3000 years ago, but must be much older. They used them to celebrate the coming of Spring, harvest, weddings, victories, among others.

Today, Christmas is for most people, the time for hanging a wreath on the door, as a sign of celebration and hospitality.Though we think a wreath on the door can welcome guests at any season.And it doesn’t have to hang on a door either: a wreath on the wall brightens a kitchen or hallway or sitting room.

If you haven’t the time or skill to make your own here’s a few we would recommend…

Heart Wreaths, Gisela Graham's Top 5

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