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How To: Festival Flower Crowns

How To: Festival Flower Crowns
June 1, 2018 Gisela Graham Team

Learn how to make a flower crown using Gisela Graham’s wide array of wholesale silk flowers.

Festival Flower Crowns

With festival season just beginning, it’s been the hot topic of conversation at GGL HQ as to what to take and what to make! Some staff insist that they always pack mini sewing sets and manicure kits whilst others tell us what GGL products they plan to take to decorate their tents to make them stand out from the crowd… Think extra large windmills, LED battery lights and garlands of canary yellow forsythia! Amongst the essentials, of course, are makeup and wash bags, tote bags, fold away holdalls, dirty laundry bags and blankets! But what really got us was one employee who told us how they would be making flower crowns for her whole group! ‘How?!’ we hear you shout… our step to step guide is below!

What you will need:

  • 1 x White Wax Flower Bunch| 60281
  • 1 x Pale Pink Wax Flower Bunch| 60283
  • 1 x Antique Pink Giant Hydrangea Stem | 60340
  • 1 x White Cosmos Spray | 60289
  • Scissors
  • Wire (florist wire,/hobby wire – available from most craft shops)

Making process:

  1.  Made to measure – Measure head and cut the wire to the desired size (allow a little extra to join the two ends). Bend the wire in to a circle and wrap the ends in to one another to secure.
  2. Pull apart the giant hydrangea stem and cut individual strands – we’ve got a mixture of several clustered together and individual flowers.
  3. cut the wax flowers down in to individual stems
  4. Snip the cosmos flower heads leaving the stem fairly long.
  5. Cut several lengths of wire (around 5cm) and wrap around the stem of the flower. And repeat on every stem.
  6. Take the wire circle and begin to twist your flowers on to the wire frame… repeat until the crown is full! TIP: If you’re a planner then we suggest laying your flowers out and organising them first.
  7. Wear with pride and glitter face paint!

What’s better than making your very own flower crowns? A flower crown party that’s what!

Happy crafting!

Decided to make a flower crown? Be sure to tag us @gisela_graham or #GiselaGraham so we can see your masterpieces.