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Easter Bunny Wrapped Presents

Easter Bunny Wrapped Presents
March 16, 2017 Gisela Graham Team

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Why not try wrapping your Easter presents as cute bunnies this year! Here is a step by step guide on how to create simple but impressive Easter presents. You will need: two pieces of paper – one to cover the size of your present and the other A3 or A4 depending on the size of the present and how big you want the ears to be. We have added ribbon and a gift tag to our bunny so for that you would need some ribbon and a small piece of wire. 

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STEP 1: Start by taking your gift and laying out your paper on a flat surface. Easter bunny wrapping only work with a square present so if you have something that isn’t square shape, we suggest putting it into a box.

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STEP 2: Wrap your present as you normally would. Don’t worry to much about really neat wrapping because you can always hide this at the back!

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STEP 3: Finish your wrapping by taping with clear tape. Your box should not be totally wrapped.

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STEP 4: Now to move onto your ears. Fold your second piece of paper in half.

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STEP 5: Draw a semi circle on the fold of the paper. You will need to fit two ears on this paper so make sure you only use half of the paper for the first ear.

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STEP 6: Cut the ear out and repeat again with the second ear on the bottom half of the paper.

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STEP 7: You should now have two pieces of ear shaped paper.

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STEP 8: Fold the ears in half and fold up a small triangle at the bottom of the ear. Repeat on the other ear too.

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STEP 9: Unfold the triangle and the ear. Fold the triangle back to the front and glue the underside onto your present. Repeat this with the other ear trying to keep a gap between the ears for your ribbon.

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STEP 10 : Now take your ribbon and wrap it around the middle of the present between the ears. Cross over at the bottom and tie in a knot at the top.

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STEP 11: Take another piece of your ribbon and fold into a bow shape.


STEP 12: Take your piece of wire and wrap it around your bow and present ribbon. The reason we have used the wire is to keep the bow looking lovely from the top. You can cut the wire or just poke it under the ribbon.


And there you have it! Easter Bunny Presents. We would love to see your Easter creations so #giselagraham for a chance to be featured on our Instagram.