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How To: Spring Bouquet

How To: Spring Bouquet
March 5, 2018 Gisela Graham Team

Brighten up those showery spring days and bring the sunshine into your life or a loved one’s life with our gorgeous collection of spring flowers. This spring flower arrangement is simple to make and has been crafted by our experienced florist who works within our Styling team here at Gisela Graham.

The tones seen in these faux Dahlia stems have been used to be in keeping with the pastel Easter ranges available from Gisela Graham.


Want to make this Bouquet? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

You will need:

  • 3 x Green Cactus Dahlia Stem (60322)
  • 2 x Mustard Yellow Cactus Dahlia Stem (60323)
  • 2 x Coral Pink Cactus Dahlia Stem (60324)
  • 3 x White Cactus Dahlia Stem (60325)
  • 3 x White Mini Daisy Spray (60377)
  • 3 x White Wax Flower Bunch (60281)
  • Ball of twine
  • Scissors


  1. Take the bunches of the white wax flowers (60281) and cut into individual stems where the branches meet – You will get around 16 individual stems. Set to one side.
  2.  Take the mini daisy sprays (60377) and trim down any excess foliage and sprigs of flowers – you want to be left with 3 long stems. Set to one side.
  3. Begin assembling the bouquet – using 1 hand take a green, mustard, coral and white dahlia to begin – these should be the tallest in the bouquet of Dahlias.
  4. Add in the remaining flowers, making sure they sit lower than the first four – forming a dome of flowers.
  5. Clenching the flowers in one hand, take the sprigs of your smaller white flowers and add them in between the Dahlias. These should also be placed around the outside of the bouquet, lower than the dahlias.
  6. Tie the bouquet using twine – you may need to ask someone to help with this step.
  7. Trim the stems to all the same lengths and you’re good to go.

If you decide to try this spring floral arrangement, be sure to share it with us on Social using the #GiselaGraham or tag us @gisela_graham.