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Jodie & Scott’s Wedding in December 2017 with a little help from Gisela Graham

Jodie & Scott’s Wedding in December 2017 with a little help from Gisela Graham
July 20, 2017 Gisela Graham Team

A Gisela Graham Wedding | December 2017

Lou Hunt’s son Scott marries Jodie

IMG_3683Lou, with Scott & Jodie

Q: Lou – Introduce yourself.

A: I’m the Gisela Graham salesperson for West Midlands & East Anglia. My son Scott is marrying Jodie – they’ve been together for 11 years.

Q:  What’s the venue for the Wedding?

A: It’s a Grade I listed cotton mill in Derby.  I think it’s a great idea, a lot more character and a lot more space than a hotel.  And really memorable for them and the guests.

Q:  How many guests? 

A:  70-80 day guests, double that the evening: they’re a very popular couple, with a very wide circle of friends.   

Q: Will there be anything traditional about the celebration? The Bride’s dress? Bridesmaids? 

A: The bride’s dress will be off-white coloured, so semi-traditional  – but I’m sworn to secrecy. Lucky girl, she won it in a Facebook competition. And there will be EIGHT  bridesmaids in very untraditional but chic black. I’ve got a feeling that Jodie will be following the “something old /new/ borrowed/blue” tradition. For good luck. And also, she’ll take her husbands name to be ‘Mrs Harper’.

Q: Who’s in charge of the event?

A: Oh, definitely Jodie & Scott. Like most couples getting married these days they’re in their 30’s and both have very fixed ideas about what they want : good food, of their choice, and having a good time shared with the family and friends  that they love , celebrating the love they have for each other.

Q: What about the colour scheme?

A: They’re planning a very natural look, an abundance of natural greenery and white flowers.


Q: Will there be a cake?

A: Not a formal wedding cake – but cakes made by me (Lou). Lemon Drizzle is the favourite: I shall be busy!

Q: What about table decoration?

A: Here I’m allowed to have an input!  Jodie’s asked me to help out with ideas for dressing the tables. Obviously I shall be choosing from the Gisela Graham wedding range where I’m spoiled for choice. The final decisions still have to be made. Jodie wants lots of foliage and candles. So we’re looking at white birdcages filled with fresh flowers and foliage. Maybe pretty flower arrangement in silver lustre jars, topiary hearts or the simplicity of single stems in clear glass bud vases. We’ll also be considering the lovely new candle cloches. I’m thinking of a Sweet Table – favour heart jars filled with Love Hearts. And lidded bottles with silvered sugared almonds.