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Our Pick of the Best Valentine Gifts

Our Pick of the Best Valentine Gifts
February 13, 2013 Gisela Graham Team


… and  Gisela Graham has some novel ways of expressing it.


Valentines Gift Ideas - Gisela Graham

From top left clockwise, Recommended Retails Prices:

‘Love’ Lavender Embroidered Hearts – to hang from a bunch of roses – From £3.99

Wooden ‘Love’ Bookends – there’s a metaphor there somewhere… – From £16.99

Heart Shaped, Polka Dot Baking Dishes – to serve  a love feast – From £10.99

‘Love’ Photo Album – …. And a book for secrets – From £12.99

Pink Polka Dot Heart Frames on string – for pictures of the beloved – From £6.99

Heart Chalk Board – to chalk up sweet nothings – From £10.99

Artificial Rose Stem – From £5.99

In good shops around the country. Just in time for Valentine’s Day. Quick!


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