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Quick DIY Hanging Egg Decorations

Quick DIY Hanging Egg Decorations
February 12, 2018 Gisela Graham Team

If you’re in need of a quick craft project, look no further! We have been making egg and flower hanging decorations perfect for Spring!



For this project you will need plastic coloured eggs, faux flowers and ribbon. You will also need a craft knife, scissors and double-sided tape. We have used Gisela Graham Paint Your Own Egg Kit | 82263, Hot Pink Tulip Stem | 60198, Pastel Tulip Stem | 60153, Pussy Willow Spray | 60207 and Mini Brights Satin Ribbon | 70065.

1. To start you will need to cut the tops off your eggs. You should be able to cut through them with a craft knife but be careful when you’re doing this! Take off about a quarter of the eggs.

2. Next, take your ribbons and cut them into lengths. We have hung ours in the window but you could try hanging them off an Easter tree or over your dining table. Cut different sized lengths depending on where you are going to suspend them.

3. Take your double sided tape and attach the ribbon to the under side of your eggs.

4. Now is the fun part! Take your flowers or foliage and cut them down so that they will sit nicely in your egg vases. Arrange your flowers and you’re ready to hang your decorations!