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Would you like to feature as a stockist on our ‘Find a Stockist’ page? If you would like to be listed as a Gisela Graham stockist, please provide us with details that you are prepared for us to publish by filling in the form below.

We are interested in companies who have an outlet where the public can actually visit and see our product as well as companies who sell our product via their website.
Note: To be listed as an online stockist you need to have Gisela Graham products available to purchase via your website.

Alternatively if you have multiple outlets and would prefer to send us the data in a spreadsheet please click here to download our template spreadsheet. Please enter your Stockist details and return it to marketing@giselagraham.co.uk.

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Please note that completing the form may not guarantee inclusion in the Stockist List. We will be giving priority to customers who regularly place orders for all of the seasons (Gift, Christmas and Easter) or at least £3,000 (€3,760) on Gift or Christmas and £1,000 (€1,250) on Easter.