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The Gisela Graham Foundation

The Gisela Graham Foundation has been helping to change lives for the better since 2014.

At Gisela Graham London, we’ve had so much success in our business that we believe it’s only right to “pay it forward”, and that’s why the Gisela Graham Foundation exists. When the right cause comes to us, we’re always happy to help and do what we can to help make dreams a reality. At home and abroad, our charity exists to help make the world a better place.

gisela graham foundation

The Foundation’s Purpose

We want to help you to help others. That’s why we offer grants, bursaries and other types of contributions to charities, volunteer groups and organisations that champion causes that we care about. We’re here to assist you in making real, positive changes to your causes and your communities.

We don’t undertake any charity work ourselves, nor do we employ any others to do work on behalf of the foundation.

What We Care About

Our foundation has a clear set of goals and a list of the causes that we care about:


  • Further advancement of public health and safety through the research and treatment of chronic illnesses and conditions.
  • Alleviate poverty and deprivation amongst children in less developed countries through care, education, and family support.
  • Assist the aims of enterprising young and unemployed requiring start-up funds.
  • Promote causes supporting young homeless people seeking to achieve self sufficiency.
  • To promote and support the benefit of adults with learning disabilities, and contribute towards the provision of property for the accommodation of such adults.
  • To support charities and other organisations concerned with safety at sea, including those actively involved with youth training.
  • Assist organisations concerned with the propagation of the plastic and performing arts, and in particular concerned with training and equipping young performers and artists.

If you think that the Gisela Graham foundation could help you, please get in touch. You can email us, or write to us at:

Mr Richard Graham (Chairman)
The Gisela Graham Foundation.
c/o 12 Colworth Grove,
Browning Street,
London. SE17 1LR

Our Previous Work

We’re proud that we’ve helped to change lives in the past, and we’re excited about what we could in the future. We’ve worked with some truly inspiring organisations and individuals in the past – here are just a couple of the people that we’ve helped.

Karuna – Supporting Women In South India

gisela graham foundation and karuna india

For over 30 years Karuna have worked with local community groups to help South Asia’s poorest people lead meaningful and dignified lives. They are committed to human development, enabling people to escape poverty, access their legal rights and participate fully in society.

In rural West Bengal, Karuna promotes girls’ education, challenges violence and fights for women’s rights, building self-reliance and creating strong communities where they have a voice.

The Gisela Graham Foundation was proud to support Karuna financially and we were honoured to work with this group that is doing so much important work in this part of the world.

Varvara Nepomnyashchaya – Realising A Dream

Varvara Nepomnyashchaya is an amazing woman with a talent for playing the piano that few possess. To help her realise her vision, she turned to The Gisela Graham Foundation, and we were only too happy to help this prodigious musician.

Born in Moscow in 1983, she studied at the Gnessin Music School pursuing her studies with Prof. Mikhail Voskresensky at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatorium. After being awarded at the Bach Competition in Leipzig in 2006, she continued her studies with Prof. Evgeny Koroliov at the Hamburg University of Music.

And with the help of our Foundation’s donations, she has been able to continue her work, and is making the world a better place through her music.

More About The Foundation


  • Mr Richard Graham (Chairman)
  • Mr Paul Boys
  • Mr Piers Croke
  • Mr Richard Bailey
  • Mr Andreas Graham
  • Sir David Chapman

The Gisela Graham Foundation is a charity registered in the UK. Our Charity number is: 1153514

For further information, click here to visit our microsite.