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About Us

The Story Begins... Living The London Life
Growing up in Germany in a creative family, Gisela moved to London in her 20s after university. Here she met her future husband and her entrepreneurial spirit grew.
The 80s... GGL Warehouse at Home!
Her family grew and her sons became the apples of her eye, but the longing to start her own business was still strong. Starting at her dining table, with a garage filled to the rafters with stock, Gisela Graham London was born...!
1983... Gisela's Tradeshow Debut
The first Gisela Graham London collection was showcased at Harrogate in 1983 - and we've there been every year since. The "Thingamy" box debuted - a display case for every 'thing' from her handmade collection.
The late 80s... Meetings began at Liberty
In 1987 we started becoming a main Christmas supplier for Liberty London. Pre our new beautiful showrooms, our team would bring an edit of our collections in leather suitcases!
The 90s... Success for this 90s business woman
With the new decade came a new Central London showroom - somewhere where our collections could be shown in all their glory - it soon became our trademark.
1992... London Office & Showroom Open!
A converted stable, head office is not only home to our showroom but also the team behind everything people have fallen in love with over the years.
1992... Christmas becomes bespoke!
As demand grew for our collections, our in-house designed pieces also grew with pieces we knew fit the trends of the day. Something that we do still now with our art teams and constant research.
1993... Gisela launches her Year Round ranges
People asked and so we gave! Launched in 1993, our home and gift collections meant Gisela's signature style could now be enjoyed throughout the year!
The late 90s... Buying trips and beer!
With product ranges growing, so did the trips to factories in Poland and Romania to source the very best manufacturers to bring our designs to life.
1997... Cher visits our London showroom
The worlds of Christmas and show business collided in the mid-90s when Queen of Sparkles and Pop, Cher came to the London showroom to order Christmas & Halloween decorations.
1999... Does Piers have enough puff?!
Travelling to factories in Eastern Europe to see the production of glass baubles was always a fun experience - especially when they got our team involved!
2000... PC's were not portable!
With the turn of the new Millenium, Christmas caught the bug and went computerised. Not exactly portable but these machines did enable us to create ever more intricate designs.
2000... All hail the Queen of Christmas!
Officially the Queen of Christmas, Gisela knew the sky was the limit for her company, she just needed the wings for it...
2001... First buying trip to the Far East
2001 saw our first trip to the Far East. From Taiwan to the Philippines and on to China. Our London design team were now able to reach new heights!
2011... We launched our first Trade website!
Just a decade on from those huge desktop machines we launched in to the virtual world with our first Trade website. Our collections were suddenly available at the click of a mouse.
About 16
30 years in the business! To celebrate Gisela and the team celebrated at Cliveden House with a wonderful party. You even got a commemorative medal!
2013... Winning the Honorary Achievement Award at The Greats
In 2013 Gisela won the 'Honorary Achievement Award' at The Greats, given annually to someone who has helped shape the Home & Gift industry. For some a fitting finale to their career, but fortunately Gisela was only just hitting her stride.
2020... We launched our first Direct to Consumer website
Going live on 5th October 2020, customers were able to order decorations directly from the 'Queen of Christmas' for the first time.
About Us 20
A family business. At the beginning of the year, Gisela's son Andreas became our Chairman, taking over the reigns from his father Richard.
The best is yet to come...
With our 40th anniversary around the corner, we are still going from strength to strength. As Gisela and the team launch new collections and we strive to find ways of being ever more sustainable.