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Bridgerton Inspired Décor

How to achieve an effortless regencycore aesthetic


As you may know, Bridgerton season 3 is back, and the highly anticipated season 2 of Queen Charlotte is pending.

Whilst we can't help but be engrossed with the romantic plots, scandals and even the beautiful clothing in the show, it is the interior design that cought our watchful eyes. The timeless elegance, lavish ornaments, and classical aesthetics - what's been coined as regencycore - is a style choice that we simply cannot get enough of.

If you're looking to mirror the enchanting world of Bridgerton, Gisela Graham offers products and tips to blend the elegance and romance of the regency era with our modern world, one noble detail at a time.

It's time to make your home a timeless retreat that even a Bridgerton would envy!