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Creating the Perfect Summer Tablescape

We've all heard the term 'tablescape' but what does it mean? Well, quite simply it's a creative way to arrange a tabletop so that it creates a mood, style or experience.

Social media is full of inspirational interiors and gardens with beautiful table settings but is this achievable at home - In a word 'Yes'!

We know the huge number of ideas out there can be overwhelming at first, so to help get you started we have produced our own top tips to help you create your perfect tablescape.

Our top 9 items for creating your own tablescape:

  • Tablecloth
  • Centrepiece – Vases, flowers, plants, or any other centrepiece you would like to use.
  • Place settings
  • Glasses
  • Napkins
  • Coasters
  • Silverware
  • Candles
  • Candlesticks or candleholders and candles

Step 1.

Start by laying your tablecloth down with your place mats.

We’ve used a plain white tablecloth, but coloured, patterned one or even just a table runner is perfect too. There really is no right or wrong way, this is where your personal style can really shine through.

Remember, you can use your tablecloth centred, but you can use it on an angle too, either way works well, it just depends on what best fits your style.

One thing that is often overlooked is ironing your tablecloth. I know this may seem excessive but it really does make all the difference when you are looking for that Instagram-able shot.


Step 2.

Add your place settings along with plates, dishes, glasses and cutlery.

Coasters and napkins will add some interest to your table.

Don’t be afraid to use colourful or patterned place settings.

To make your glasses gleam, briefly hold them over a boiling pan of water or kettle before polishing with a lint free, soft cloth. 



Step 3.

Add a selection of candles and candlesticks to give more layers and added height to the table. They also create a lovely ambience, especially if you're entertaining into the evening.

We’ve used a mixture of scented and twist candles to add interest in height as well as adding a hint of fragrance.

Top tip: It’s all about the layers, the more variations in height, texture and detail the more impressive the finished look will be.


Step 4.

A focal point or centrepiece is a must! Whether this is a selection of flowers in a vase, a grouping of mini vases with stems, or another styled centrepiece, this will be the focus of your table so don’t be afraid to use colour, texture or shapes.


In our tablescape we have used a mixture of mini vases around the table and a large centre vase with fern leaves to give a simple, lush and stylish touch to our summer dining table.

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