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How To... Make A Spring Wreath

Step One

Select your foliage, laying everything out on the table so you know exactly what you are working with. Then cut down all of the foliage to a suitable length.
Spring Wreath 1

Step Two

Begin to add the foliage, one stem type at a time. We like to start with the most plain/neutral stems and then layer up to the brightest or most colourful stem.
Spring Wreath 2

Step Three

Make sure to not just cover the front of the base wreath, but the sides as well. To attach the foliage we entwined the pieces into the wicker base, and sealed with a layer of glue from a glue gun. If using a non-wicker wreath, we would use a thin wire that matches the base.
Spring Wreath 3

Step Four

Keep on adding your foliage til you are happy. For us - the bigger the better! Make it WILD! Finish with a big bow if you like for a wonderful gift.
Spring Wreath 4

For this wreath, we used 6 pieces of each on a small wicker wreath base. We would suggest going up in multiples of 3 if making a larger version.

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