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How to Dress a Wreath

Step 1
1. Start out simple. Begin by finding a plain wreath you like the look of, then choose a base theme or colour. We chose to go for a nature inspired wreath, using decorations and foliage from our 'Woodland' and 'Botanical' collections.
Step 2
2. Try choosing a couple of natural looking stems, picks, or bunches to bulk out your wreath. Use two or three of each and spread them evenly throughout the wreath. This addition of shape and colour will help your wreath stand out.
Step 3
3. For our wreath, we used fir branches with red rosehips and glitter acorn picks, alongside plainer acorns, to add both depth and texture to the wreath. You want to bulk it out without overcrowding it at this stage - leave room for some decorations!
Step 4
4. Next, find your favourite smaller decorations to add to your wreath. We went for mini glass toadstools and gold resin leaves, to add something special whilst still staying with the natural woodland theme. You can use pins or wire tie to secure your decorations in place.
5. Finally, pick the perfect finishing touches for your wreath. Perhaps you might choose to place lights within your wreath, or like us, go for a few finishing touches which tie-in with the theme you decided on at the beginning. We chose an endearing robin and a glittery dragonfly decoration to complete our wreath.