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How to Plan an Egg-citing Easter Egg Hunt

Planning the perfect Easter Egg Hunt requires detail and effort so here are some tips and tricks that will ensure that your egg hunt is a hit. 

But most importantly it will give you more time to focus on the most egg-citing challenge: finding the chocolate eggs!

Plan out your Easter Egg Hunt

Decide on a location, pick the decorations, and set the rules of the Easter Egg Hunt. As for any event, details are key. Consider the option to create different egg hunts for different ages so that everyone has a fair chance to win. Keep an eye on the weather: an outdoor Easter Egg Hunt is fun but think about entertaining indoor alternatives.

Gather your supplies and decorate

You'll need a mixture of decorative and chocolate eggs, baskets for collecting them, signs and other decorations to make the Easter Egg Hunt even cuter. Buntings and wreaths should be included in your list of essentials: these ornaments will add Spring charm to your event. It's now time to set the scene!

Hide your eggs

Scatter the Easter eggs throughout your scene, making sure they are just the right level of difficulty to keep your guests challenged. If your Easter Egg Hunt is outside, hide them in bushes, trees and amongst rocks, being mindful of wildlife and pets. If your egg hunt is inside, hide the eggs behind pillows, in bookshelves and cupboards. Just make sure to write down where all the eggs are so that you don't find them days later.

Let the Easter Egg Hunt begin!