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World Sleep Day

Style Your Sleep for World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day 1

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We all know that sleep is very important for our physical and mental wellbeing, even though most of us
don't sleep as well as we could be. This world sleep day, style your sleep to get into the best routine for you.

Your Space
It may seem like a small detail, but curating a bedroom that makes you happy and calm can be transformative to your sleep.
The first step is to declutter your space, pick up your bag and hang up all the coats... and the dirty laundry. Now we can focus
on styling the space; when picking the right pieces, opt for designs and colours that you love and that reflect your personality.
Invest in soft duvets and pillows, breathable sheets and a cosy bedspread or throw and change/wash them regularly.

Dress Yourself
The same as your bedroom, you need to be dressing for your sleep. We’ve all slung on an old, baggy t-shirt, but this isn't always the
best option for getting you in the mood. Pick a few pairs of pyjamas that make you feel joyous and comfortable. We love silk pyjamas
as they regular heat and keep us cool while also feeling chic and luxurious - so you're ready to take on the day when you wake up.

Utilise Your Senses
We are sensory creatures, so we need to activate our scenes to navigate us to sleep. Fill the room with scents that you love;
start with a scented candle followed by a bedtime tea in the evening to unwind from your day. When it's time to get into bed,
use diffusers to create a calming atmosphere in your bedroom. Finish with a relaxing sleep spray to spritz over your pillow;
find one that you love that also works for your body and mind.

Routine Yourself to Sleep
Create a sustainable nighttime routine that works for you. This will help your body and mind understand that it's nearly
time for bed and, therefore, time to prepare for sleep. Your routine should include anything that helps you to relax. This could
be 10 minutes of meditation or your 3-step skincare routine or a 30-minute reading session to get you into a sleepy state.

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